First Look: Naked 3 Palette!



It was a two week process from ordering from Urban Decay to having it shipped to me but it’s finally here and it was well worth the wait!

If you can actually believe it this is my first Urban Decay purchase *hangs head in shame* I mean – I’ve lusted after their products for ages but put ordering from America in the ‘too hard basket’ But when the Naked 3 was released I just HAD to have it! I saw a tweet that it was up on the UD website – I didn’t hesitate I jumped straight onto it and ordered – and lucky I did because by the next morning (local time) it was sold out

*at the time of this post it will be available on the Sephora website in the next couple of hours (6th December in America) Get on it girls and boys

Now I haven’t had time to really play with it as I only got it yesterday but I did a quick swatch (on my daughter’s arm) and I did actually use it on a client today and used Mugshot and Trick (both GORGEOUS) I also used Strange which is a lovely matte with great colour payoff

Another thing I love about this palette (apart from the pretty colours) is how solid it feels in your hands – no worry about it coming open during your travels – I haven’t used the brush yet but It looks pretty good – it’s seems soft enough but not as soft as I thought it would be but I reckon I’d quite like it for concealers personally (it is slightly different to the brush in Naked 2 (which I also purchased)

Ok enough words – let’s look at the pretty pictures!

photo 1 copy 3

photo 2 copy 3 photo 3 copy 2  photo 1 copy  photo 2 copy  photo 3 copy  photo 4 copy     photo 5

  Also included with the palette is a sample book of Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original – Eden – Sin – Anti-ageing — these add up to about a months worth of primer between them all

I think this will end up being one of my most used palettes – I think it’s really versatile and will suit most people

Are you lusting after Naked 3? Are you planning to purchase it? Or if you have purchased it – thoughts? I’d love to hear them!

Bec x


Image courtesy of Hey Gorgeous Skincare

Image courtesy of Hey Gorgeous Skincare


Yes my comma and full stop are still broken so I’ll be using ( – ) a lot


I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now as I haven’t been so excited about a company in a long time but I just wanted to wait until I had a decent amount of time to really try the products and see how they worked for me before I raved about them – and raving about them I will!

I first came across Hey Gorgeous on Instagram – someone I follow reposted a photo for a competition they were having – oooohhh what’s this? I clicked on their profile and immediately wanted to know more about their products – they had me at -coconut body souffle! I found them on Facebook and subsequently drooled over every picture they posted

I was lucky enough to win the Instagram competition and thought it was a great opportunity to order a few other goodies and have it sent over with my prize – long story short – there were a few minor hiccups with my order and after a few false starts it arrived and it was love at first sniff – I had ordered the Coconut Body Souffle and the French Roast and Vanilla Bean salt body scrub (my prize was the Passion Fruit and Lime Body Butter and the Strawberry and Black Pepper salt body scrub) yes___they smell as good as they sound

To be completely honest I didn’t think the moisturisers would do much for my very dry skin – it was coming to the end of winter / start of spring and this is the time of the year my skin is just horrible – dry flaky and prone to cracking – I’ve tried SO many different lotions and potions but generally just stick to sorbolene (which doesn’t do much for me in winter) so you can imagine my surprise when the Hey Gorgeous moisturisers actually kept my legs moisturised – even better to know that a little goes a long way

The salt scrubs smell good enough to eat and is there nothing better than jumping in a hot shower and scrubbing the day away?

So I couldn’t wait to order again as Hey Gorgeous kept tempting me with delicious offerings on all the social media platforms – I thought I’d try some of the face products as my skin had suffered through winter and was just so dry (my eyebrow threader was very concerned and questioned my skincare regime – code for sort your face out girl!) This prompted me to order the Happily Ever After Youth Elixir Serum and Coconut Lime Face mask (No Bec you can’t eat it!) at this time I also started cleansing with Shu Uemura cleansing oil (at night) and using Sanctuary Spa Power Peptide Serum and Khiel’s Ultra Facial Cream (during the day) I added the Youth Elixir serum into my night routine and started using the face mask 1 – 2 times a week and within a few days I started noticing a huge difference in my skin – it looked fresh and bright and rarely flaky and then OMG my four year old daughter thought she’d play chemist and tipped out my Youth Elixir and mixed the remainder with water! Worst day EVAHHH! So I *had* to order it again_______and some toner_____and a night cream____aannndd some more moisturiser
YUP – hooked

Processed with VSCOcam

French Roast Vanilla Bean salt body scrub

The mix of coffee and vanilla give this scrub a heady chocolatey scent – it has a mixture of fine coffee granules and larger rocks of salt that gently buff away dead skin cells

Processed with VSCOcam

Happily Ever After Youth Elixir Serum

A mix of essential oils with the sweet delicate scent of neroli – just a few drops is all you need -  warmed up in your palms and applied a cleansed face – I like to use this at night under my moisturiser

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Coconut & Lime face mask

This smells like freshly squeezed limes____and coconut YES TRUE! I was a bit unsure about using lime on my face and when first applied it felt a little tingly and warm (but not in a bad way) after a few minutes that feeling went away – This has chunks of coconut in it and can be messy (part of the fun if you ask me) I apply this about 15 mins before jumping in the shower and come out with baby soft skin

Processed with VSCOcam

Rosehip & Rosemary night cream

I bought this because I’d been using my Khiel’s cream day and night and just felt I needed something richer for night and this sounded perfect – It’s a rich cream but not at all heavy – it has a definite scent of rosemary which actually smells beautiful – even my husband commented on how nice it smelt – only a tiny bit is needed so I think this tub will last me ages

Processed with VSCOcam

Vanilla Body Butter

OMG OH EM GEE! You don’t know how much you need smell-a-vision (smell-a-puter?) right now! It just smells soooooo gooooood – it is actually hard not to want to lick my arms after I’ve applied this - Hey Gorgeous really nail their body butters – rich & hydrating – my skin feels moisturised all day using these and don’t be fooled by the seemingly small tub – another product where a little goes a long way

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Pomegranate & Rooibos toner

Now I’m not all that familiar with pomegranate or how it smells (yes I’ve tasted it but it’s not a scent I’d immediately recognise) so I’ll describe this as ‘refreshing’ – I use this as a traditional toner after cleansing  and I also use it as a refreshing spray – it’s nice to just spritz on during the day – this would be suited to all skin types

With my last order the lovely ladies at Hey Gorgeous so kindly sent my children their own personalised goodies! My girls got Fairy Dust Magic Souffle and my son got Batman After Sun Balm – complete with their names on the label – how gorgeous is that!


Here’s a little bit about Hey Gorgeous (taken from their website)

♥  Everything we make, we make with love.

♥  Hey Gorgeous is family run. Real people. Real products.

♥  We source locally and use only natural ingredients.

♥  Our planet is important to us. We try to keep our carbon footprint small.

♥  Our products are cruelty free! We only test on our friends.

♥  Our testimonials are all 100% true. We stand by this.

♥  We stand by our products. They really work.

♥  We love helping people feel confident and gorgeous.

♥  We’re relatively young, but we have big dreams and amazing friends.

♥  We are based in South Africa, but we now offer worldwide shipping.

Everything I’ve reviewed in this post I have bought myself and I’m not affiliated with Hey Gorgeous in any way – I’m just a huge fan of their products – so much so that I can’t help myself but share how wonderful they are – and not only their products but the lovely ladies that are Hey Gorgeous – the customer service I have received from HG is reminiscent of the good old days – helpful friendly and nice – I’m telling you – it’s like talking to old friends

So please jump over to the pretty  Hey Gorgeous website and check out their yummy range – you’ll be pleasantly surprised that most of the products are around AU$20 – which in my opinion is value for money

And I’d love to know what you think – what product jumps out at you the most?

Bec x



Something exciting


Hello hello!

Before I start I just need to tell you all that the full stop and comma buttons on my computer are broken – it’s not my grammar OK! Let’s just say there was a coffee incident one morning NOT MY FAULT *looks at husband* So excuse me until I can be bothered taking my macbook in *sigh*

Ok I have exciting news – I’m going to be doing a Christmas giveaway! It’s all very exciting – I’ll have more details soon – watch this space

So today I’m just doing a quick post on what I’ve been up to but I’m planning a few posts this week as I’ve got a few things I want to share with you all

I’ve joined back in with the BeautyHeaven forums – I was very active there a few years ago but needed the break and that break ended up being a few years – I use to be known as Glitter Girl (yeah ok I was young don’t judge) but you can find me there now as Rebecca V MUA – I’m really loving being back as I feel I have more to offer – but I can’t remember everyone’s usernames so if you remember me say hello!

I’m also thinking about doing some videos *maybe* I’m shy so I’ll need to think some more—-or maybe I’ll do more photos and looks? When I can work out how to photograph my makeup without enhancing every wrinkle on my face :-P

I’ve been doing a few weddings and photo shoots – which I adore doing! I have a good feeling about next year and my career – I’m also considering applying for a retail makeup job as my youngest will be doing more hours at kindergarten next year (and rumour has it that Urban Decay is coming to Australia)

OOh and hopefully next week some time I can review the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette! Yes this baby is coming my way! I was lucky enough to get a sneaky order in before it sold out and it has just been delivered to my HopShopGo address – fingers crossed it’s here soon :D —- I also have a confession to make—- this will be my first Urban Decay purchase – yup I KNOW! I also ordered Naked 2 :)

I’m also doing another round of Michelle Bridges 12WBT and you can find me there under Beccy – I really love this program – I’m doing the 1/2 Marathon program to kick my arse back into gear —- and so I have an excuse to buy cute workout gear – have you seen the running skirts at Lululemon?! I have linked this blog to my makeup instagram account but to be honest it’s a pain in the butt to log in and out of different accounts – if you want you can follow me on my main account @salt_diamond but be warned I post pics of food and family life too :)

Is there a topic you would like me to post about? Let me know!

Bec x


Picture Polish and Essence mini haul



I went to my local Target to buy something from the new NYX display. I thought I’d treat myself to a new lippy (having already treated myself to two lip butters, eyebrow powder and a jumbo lip pencil) but then I noticed the Essence display was being stocked with their new range New In Town, OH HELLO! Sorry NYX you’ll have to wait! Now we all love Essence, cheap & cheerful, a little hit and miss but it is really guilt free spending. Lipstick less than a cup of coffee – don’t mind if I do.

I picked up the long lasting lipstick in 07 Natural Beauty which is a warm rosy nude. Great if you have naturally pigmented lips like myself. The first swipe is quite sheer but the pigment builds up easily giving a semi opaque cover. It’s very creamy to apply and feels comfortable to wear but it does have a artificial scent and taste which might turn some off. For around $4 it’s ok to chuck in the handbag.



I also got eyeshadow in 04 Black Goddess. I would describe this as a warm grey brown with silver and pink micro glitter. The texture is quite dry but it has pretty good colour payoff. I was about to get one of the new Metal Glam shadows in an almost identical shade but when I swatched in store the payoff was very sheer.



Another product that caught my eye was the 3D Eyeshadow in 08 Irresistible Vanilla Latte. I think this is my favourite Essence find. They’ve probably been around for ages though. These can be used wet or dry (I forgot to swatch wet) the darker shade is a warm shimmery light rosy gold and the lighter shade is a cream duo chrome which has a pink sheen. I didn’t by this to use on eyes, I bought these to use as highlighters. I think they’ll look amazing on the cheekbones and brow bone. They’re quite sheer but wet they may work better if you’re after a more intense look on your eyes.



Lastly, I went to Sydney on the weekend and was browsing in a swimwear shop when I noticed they stocked Picture Polish. I chose the gorgeous summery shade Sunset. It’s a neon coral. Picture Polish is nasty free and made in Australia. This is opaque in two coats. Picture Polish wears well on me and goes on smoothly.


Have you purchased from the New In Town collection?
Bec x

Sleek Makeup Full Fat Lash mascara


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a mascara from Sleek Makeup on twitter and it came last Friday. The mascaras in the Sleek makeup range are one of the few products I haven’t actually tried so I was really excited to win one and test it out.
The mascara comes in simple but sleek (well duh) outer packaging and the actual tube is the same square shape. It’s a little different but I quite like it. The wand is silicon with a domed tip and straight base. It looks a bit strange but works really well. The domed tip can be used vertically or horizontally to reach every single lash. The mascara formula is a nice consistency and is described as ‘blackest black’ and it is indeed very black. On the box it says ‘Hold the skinny. Go for supersize lashes with 100% full fat volume’ – now I rarely take notice of what is claimed on packaging because let’s be honest most of it is a load of bollocks and while I don’t look like I’m wearing falsies my lashes do look thicker and longer. Also worth noting is that this hasn’t smudged at all today, I pretty much always get a smudged patch on my lower lash line on the outer corner of my right eye (regardless if I’m wearing mascara on my bottom lashes or not) I think it’s from when I smile and my eye creases more on that side. It doesn’t state anywhere on the packaging if this is waterproof or not (I’m assuming not) so I’m very impressed with this mascara.
This is $8.99 and you can buy it here.
Verdict – awesome bargain buy. I think I’ll be adding Sleek mascara to the list of Sleek products I can’t live without.





Illamasqua Mini Haul


Hello hello!

Well I’ve been a busy bee lately with bridal makeup and photo shoots and just life in general, I have SO much to catch up on! Lots of new goodies and reviews to share.

So lets get started! Illamasqua (UK online) had a sale on recently and increased the pro discount to 50% for a limited time – who was I to refuse? I grabbed a few items for my kit…and maybe a little something for myself. As you do.


I grabbed two jars Hydra Veil (one for my kit, one for me. Sharing is caring and all that) If you haven’t tried Hydra Veil yet I highly recommend you do. Feels like silk on your skin and provides the perfect base for your makeup. It’s a little pot of magic, looks like clear, smooth jelly until you spoon a bit out and it turns into a lumpy mess – then magically turns back to it’s original form! Amazing. A little spoonful is all you need for a thin layer over your face. I have very dry skin and I’ve been loving it. I’m finding my foundation lasts (and looks good) all day. You can also use this alone – it’s not just for under makeup. Using it alone just freshens up your appearance and keeps you feeling hydrated.


Next I got Skin Base in 01 – which is white. This is an essential in my kit, I use it to lighten foundation when needed. It mixes with most foundations. I mix it with MAC Face & Body and it works really well and of course I mix it with my other skin base shades to get the perfect match for my lighter toned clients.

I also got cream blush in Promise which is quite a bright, warm pink. I really adore Illamasqua cream blushes, they’re extremely pigmented and blend beautifully and have a lovely dewy finish. Great for mature skin for a natural glow.


Lastly I bought lipstick in Scandal – a warm coral pink. This colour is so lovely! And I have a little confession…..this is my first Illamasqua lipstick. I know, I know – where have I been? Let’s just say I’m very fashionably late to the party. Scandal is quite matte and I found it a little drying but having said that we are just coming out of winter here so my lips are still a bit dry (apparently it’s spring but nobody told October that – it’s bloody cold here in Melbourne) I find applying a little balm before this lipstick makes it more comfortable to wear, but overall I love it – perfect spring colour for me…when spring decides to arrive.


So that’s my mini haul from Illamasqua. I’m a big fan of Illamasqua, it makes up a lot of my pro kit as the products are consistently good. I also absolutely adore makeup artist Alex Box who is Illamasqua’s creative director. Such an incredibly talented, inspirational woman. When I grow up I want to be a makeup artist like Alex Box….

I’ll leave you with this great advice from Alex Box (from the Illamasqua website)

  • “When you’re stuck in a make-up rut, ask someone else to do your make-up. A friend or a make-up artist, someone who will see you differently and introduce new ways of application or different colours that you wouldn’t normally use. A different hand will always bring new shape or shade to your routine and seeing yourself differently will inspire you to try new things.”

Do you have any Illamasqua favourites?

Bec x

Review: Furless Perfectly Pink Brush Set


I first came across Furless via a retweet on twitter. I checked out their website and found they have a really great range of brushes at affordable prices. Hmm, too good to be true? Could they be better than my Sigma brushes? (Spoiler alert – they are!) I really needed another set of brushes but before buying I thought I’d check out some reviews to see what people had to say about them. I watched a few YouTube reviews and read some blog posts and pretty much everyone had positive things to say about them. I decided that I’d buy the 20 piece pro set as it was only $149 ($119 with my pro discount, yes makeup artists Furless have a pro program that is super quick & easy to join). The brushes arrived really quick and came wrapped in funky zebra print tissue and the trademark F sticker. Ooh felt like Christmas….in July….which happened to be my birthday month HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOI! I’m hoping to do a proper review on the Pro Set as it is excellent. So anyway, back to the Perfectly Pink set, I purchased this set for my own personal use as I was so impressed with the Pro set but I don’t need that many brushes for myself….ok maybe I do but my bathroom doesn’t. The Perfectly Pink set comprises of 8 full size brushes and comes in a handy travel case. These 8 brushes are pretty much all I need to create my everyday look, the only brush it is possibly missing is a lip brush but they’re easy enough to come by and I believe these brushes can be purchased individually so you could probably just add one in from the Purple Power set.


Quick note about Furless brushes. They are completely synthetic and cruelty free. If you’re wondering about what’s so good about being synthetic or how they compare to real hair/fur brushes I can tell you now they are the softest brushes I’ve ever used. I’m not even kidding, my clients always comment on how nice they feel on their skin. And another good thing about synthetic bristles is that, if you take care of them, they will last longer than natural hair as hair naturally deteriorates over time. Oh and that no little goats where harmed in the making of them – what’s not to love?

Lets check out the Perfectly Pink brushes one by one shall we?

PPF1 – Large Powder Brush. Not too big, not too small and it’s so soft that you’ll just want to sit and brush it over your face all day. Not that I do that *shifty eyes*


PPF2 – Angled Contour Brush – Great for blush and contouring the cheekbones – just like it says on the box!


PPF3 – Stippling Brush – I love this brush so hard! It’s a great size, it’s soft and blends my foundation beautifully.


PPB1 – Small Domed Crease Blending Brush – I love this for precision blending of the crease, I have small eyes so it’s perfect, I love the size of it as I feel I have more control than with some of my other larger blending brushes


PPM1 – Fluffy Eyeshadow Brush – this brush is small but I like it for my little eyes, pats on shadow easily and is fluffy enough to blend out too, I like it for blending shadow on the bottom eye line.


PPE2 – Stubby Blending Brush – This brush has really short bristles but is still soft. I use this on the lower lash line but you can also use it to blend a more precise line on say a cut crease or to blend out a pencil line.


PPM2 – Angled Liner Brush – I love me an angled brush and this would have to one of my favourites (my absolute favourite is possibly the angled brush from the Pro set) This brush is perfect for eyebrows and eyeliner. Love it.


PPE1 – Precision Eyeliner Brush – Thin enough to create the sharpest of winged eyeliner.


These brushes all have sleek black handles and ferrule, they are light yet feel solid in the hand and they wash up beautifully. There really is nothing not to love about them. They retail at $49.95 and standard shipping is $5 Australia wide but if you order soon you can get free shipping with orders over $20 with the code OZFREE. For my international friends overseas shipping is free when you spend over $100. Furless also sell vegan and cruelty free makeup and nail polish. You can check out their range and shop here

NOTE: I purchased these brushes with my own moolah and I am reviewing for your interest only BUT I have joined the Furless Affilate program, which basically means when you click on the link and make a purchase I get a small commission (at no cost to you) I just thought I should let you know, however having said that I wouldn’t recommend anything I didn’t genuinely love and I heart these brushes so hard.

What are your favourite brushes and have you tried any of the Furless range?